1.  What type of insurance coverage is provided?

All guests who partake in our activities are covered for medical accident up to $1500 usd per case. In the event of an accident the guest will be taken to either BIMC or Siloam Hospital for emergency care. Should the cost of care exceed the maximum allowable amount, any balance due would be the guest’s responsibility, by either travel insurance or personal account.


2.  What facilities do you have?

We provide showers, lockers, toilets & long sleeve rash guard and footware as needed for any individual activity,


3.  Do you have any limits on ages for taking  lessons? 

Allowable ages are from 10 years to 70 years. Should a guest be either younger or older than our allowable ages, we will accept or reject on a case by case basis.


4.  What are your operational hours?  

We are open daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm however can arrange asper guest’s  requirement 


5.  How do I make a booking:

Booking via email is most effective.. If you are in Bali, via Phone will also work..


6.  If I get a taxi there can you arrange transport for us back to hotel?

     Yes we can arrange forboth metered taxis and private chartered cars to any destination of your choice.


7.  How long does it take to get to you from:

A. Seminyak   & Kuta: approximately 30 mins 

B. Jimabaran:  approx 25 mins  via toll road

D. Nusa dua: Approx 30-35  mins via toll road

E. Ubud: approx 30-35 mins


8.  Is there food available?

Yes we have a complete café/resto on site and many others close by.


9.   When is the best time for kiting? Windsurfing? Surfing?? Sailing

Best times for any activity are determined by the winds and tides and change on a daily basis. We advise you to contact us a day or two before your intended activity to determine the best times.

For Kiting you need strongest winds which usually start in June and last until September. Surfing Sailing & Windsurfing can be done year round depending upon any given days conditions.